Celebration of Nature
Beauty Endures


Coastal Wealth Advisors
Thrivent Financial
Sherith Squires and Erik Lundring
3255 Old Conejo Rd., Suite 201
Newbury Park, CA 91320


Friday, November 8, 2024

Open now for information presentations,
shown by appointment only.
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Take a walk and
observe nature.
It is good to be outside.

-Mona Neuhaus



Erik Lundring, CFP

Sherith Squires, Wealth Advisor
805-375-3215, Ext. 2


About The Exhibit

This exhibit, entitled “celebration of nature – beauty endures”, is part of an ongoing series of paintings I have been working on over the course of a decade or more.

As a small child the sky, clouds, nature and weather captured my attention. On family car journeys, in the late afternoon or after a rain, I observed that the sky is always changing and creating energetic cloud formations. I found it easy to let my imagination visualize images of animals, faces of people, and abstract shapes.

Living in Southern California and exploring throughout the west, I have enjoyed countless opportunities to observe and experience the marvelous components of nature and the power of climate with its dramatically varied extremes.

The subject of nature provides infinite inspiration for an artist. the unexpected sunset filtered through clouds or fog, ominous wind swept downpours settled on plowed dry dirt, water dumped by microbursts over the ocean, countryside hills turn emerald green after a robust winter and then golden brown from the heat of summer – all inspiration for paintings. There is beauty in a sky and also a different kind of beauty found in cracks from the parched earth.

Each season is unique. Each season is remarkable.

As an artist it is typical to work in bursts of energy developing bundles of ideas, and these ideas frequently result in series of works on various topics. Frustrated and impatient with our enduring and successive droughts, I began to create this body of work not only as an ongoing response to the seemingly relentless dryness we can experience in the west, but also as an offering of gratitude. the forty-six pieces in this exhibit are offered as an homage to God for what is, and a prayer to God for what is yet, in optimistic hope for current and future generations.

We live in a wonderful world at a wonderful time. God bless our beautiful earth.

Thank you for taking the time to view this exhibit.